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Cara Klothe Dressage is based out of beautiful Dragonfly Hill Farm. Cara's home and personal farm, it is set close to the base of Blue Mountain and offers rolling hills and beautiful views. All horses get individualized attention and care and are treated like one of Cara’s own horses. 

The farm boasts four 12x12 stalls. All stalls have several windows and optimum air flow. Several pastures for lots of grass during the spring, summer and fall. Large “sacrifice” paddocks available for winter turnout or for horses that cannot handle grass. Turnout can be individual or in small groups. Cara is a big believer in horses being horses, so horses receive as much turnout as the weather allows, this includes night turnout over the summer months. 


Feeding is also individualized for all horses. High quality hay is fed in quantity so horses have hay at almost all times. Grain is fed twice a day and includes several Triple Crown options as well as ration balancer Gro n’ Win. Horses' weight and condition are evaluated often and feeding will be adjusted accordingly. 


A 145’x80’ outdoor arena available with all weather footing. Arena is kept very well maintained for riding in all weather. 


Trailer-in lessons are available. Training board is limited, please contact Cara for more information and availability.

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