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Cara Klothe Dressage is nestled right against the mountain in beautiful Walnutport PA. This 13 acre farm offers something for every horse. From turnout to indoor riding arena, to a large riding field, there is something for every horse and rider combo. 

The farm boasts 13 stalls or varying sizes to fit a wide array of needs. Many large grass fields give horses access to pasture and the ability for group turnout as "horses being horses" is a big part of Cara's philosophy when it comes to caring for horses, even high  performance horses. For those who need a little less space, smaller turnout areas are also available. 

Horses are turned out daily unless severely inclement weather.  Many fields have run-in sheds as well as the option for a few field board and young horse raising spots available.


Feeding is individualized for all horses. High quality hay is fed in quantity so horses have hay at almost all times. Grain is fed twice a day and includes several options of Purina feeds. Weight and condition are evaluated often and feeding will be adjusted accordingly. 


A 160’x80’ indoor arena available with all weather footing. Arena is kept very well maintained for riding year round with abundant lighting for even


Trailer-in lessons are available. Training board is limited, please contact Cara for more information and availability.

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